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Pure Tonic are a 4- piece rock outfit from Hamburg, Germany. The band see themselves as missionaries of stadium and Sleaze Rock. They bring captivating melodies, elaborate guitar riffs and almost hymn-like vocals fusing both contemporary rock and metal elements together to create something modern and new.

Pure Tonic first began their journey in 2010, building a solid fanbase in clubs and festivals all over Germany. In January 2017 the band were awarded for their live performance at the Germany finale of the SPH Bandcontest (The biggest band contest within the German community), where they received the award for best guitarist amongst others.

Under the guidance of producer Zoran Grujovski Pure Tonic worked hard in the studio November 2018. They recorded their debut album in the legendary GAGA Studio within a very short time frame and created a product with the intention to awaken Sleaze Rock fans from a deep sleep and conquer new hearts and ears with their explosive new sound.

In the spring of 2019, the time had finally come. Bliss n' Bleakness' saw the light of day and conquered in one breath. International radio airplays, curated playlists on well-known streaming platforms and a wide range of media coverage were the fruits of their self-contained songwriting. The crowning  glory was the following European tour through France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Austria in October 2019, presented themselves to their audience as an energetic live act. Inspired and motivated by their successful European tour, the bar for the new songs was raised considerably. A short time later Pure Tonic went back into the studio again with their new found enthusiasm and together with Zoran Grujowski three new works were produced, whose gain in maturity cannot be ignored.

The new single 'BURNING ALIVE' (released 04 February 2022, LIVE ★ TALENT Records via Kontor New Media ) includes a unique video. Further singles from the band Pure Tonic are currently in the pipeline. Be sure to follow this young and upcoming band as they are catapulted into mainstream success.


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